"Take a deep breath. As you exhale release the things that no longer serve you..."

From the moment I first stepped on a yoga mat and was taught to honor my body, I was hooked. The freeing feeling that comes from a consistent wellness practice has been my lifeline through challenging times and has helped me maintain my peace. 
I love being a catalyst  for others through yoga and mediation to aid them in  honoring their mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are desiring increased flexibility, calming your mind, decreasing stress, or maintaining your peace, let me by your guide. My goal is to support individuals in creating sustainable practices that allows them to continue in my absence. My sessions tend to be a combination of relaxation and education leaving you feeling empowered to continue your practice wherever you may find yourself.

In addition to assisting individuals in finding their peace, I work with parents and parents to be. As a Holistic Doula, I incorporate a variety of wellness practices, coaching, and resources to assist parents in preparing for and adjusting to their new addition. My doula approach doesn’t just focus on preparing parents to support the development and growth of their child but to also assist parents in remaining mindful of their partnership whether it’s as platonic co-parents or intimate partners. I look forward to supporting your birthing and post-partum experience!