Do Not Lose Heart

Dear Beautiful Soul,

2020 has been quite the year. We have collectively been challenged and individually I know we have faced unexpected battles. This year is not for the faint of heart and as we round out the remainder of the year, I want to share a personal motto of mine. 

Osataya Mtima
(Oh-Sa-Tie-Ya Mm-Tee-Mah)
…which translated from Chichewa (the language of Malawi) to English means Do Not Lose Heart

This phrase was introduced to me at the start of my Peace Corps service. Let me tell you, it couldn’t have had better timing. For my two year experience in Malawi, I lived without electricity and running water. I lived in a community where language, ethnicity, and gender were barriers. I voluntarily chose to live this way but there were days where I was ready to say no more. Days where I couldn’t get a fire started so I was stuck eating bread and peanut butter. Or days when I missed being with the comforts and people of home. Or days where a project was met with resistance. Even after my service there were days when it felt like the world conspired against me and nothing seemed to be working in my favor. It is during these hard days that I would recite to myself “Osataya Mtima- what is now is not forever”

We are in unprecedented times where we are being asked to push ourselves past the limits we have created. We are being challenged to look past the ways we once existed. Whatever it is that you are being called to do at this time- 
do not lose heart. It may seem like things are falling a part but they are falling together and if you allow it, they will fall together for your highest good. 

Join me in reciting “Osataya Mtima- what is now is not forever” whenever you feel those moments of despair or have thoughts of giving up. This year, like the fall, is just a season. 

Wishing you blessings and bliss,


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