Finish Strong

Dear Beautiful Soul,

I’m not a huge football fan but my partner is. He is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and by proximity I became more of a football fan. In 2018 the Eagles went on to win the superbowl with their second string quarterback Nick Foles. While Nick was pivotal in bringing the Eagles to their win, he was released from the Eagles and went on to play for another team before landing as the second string quarterback for my hometown team the Chicago Bears. I have been a Nick Foles fan since my first exposure to him on the Eagles and have been extremely excited about the fact that he is now representing my hometown.

The thing that I enjoy most about Nick is his ability to follow through. I like to think of him as the 4th quarter quarterback, turning around what may have gone wrong in the previous quarters to bring his team to victory. In reflecting on his recent performance against the Falcons where he lived up to the title, I realized that we all have the ability to turn things around.

On Thursday we welcome October and the 4th quarter of this year. I know that I am not alone in saying that this year has been one that won’t be forgotten. Even with the challenges and detours that have been presented, we have a quarter left to finish strong. At this point we are familiar with the energy and actions around a pandemic and social injustices and have the ability to navigate both. At this point we are aware that the upcoming elections are going to produce results that are not going to satisfy everyone and could result in unexpected conflict and we have the ability to navigate that as well. These previous quarters have shown us our missteps and misfortunes but have also shown us our strength and resiliency. We are going to finish this 4th quarter strong because there is nothing that can be sent our way that we do not have the ability to navigate and overcome.

As we move into this 4th quarter I invite you to determine and then do the things that will allow you to finish this 4th quarter strong. You got this!

Wishing you blessings and bliss,


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