Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I’m Courtney, a mindfulness coach and wellness practitioner who supports others in living a life filled with purposelovepeace, and bliss. I believe that we have all that we need inside of us to live the lives we desire however, there are times we need help removing limiting thoughts and behaviors that prevent us from reaching and revealing our greatness.

As your coach, I will assist you in developing the techniques, accessing resources, and acquiring the tools while providing accountability and support to meeting your goals. Essentially, I am that friend that is going to cheer you on, call you out when you are settling for less than you deserve, hold you accountable to your goals, while reminding you just how powerful you are. 

I’m not here to judge you- it takes courage to ask for help and to put yourself out thereMy goal is to see you thrive regardless of where you are and what you have done. At this point, what matters is where you want to go and how committed you are to getting there. We can figure out the rest. Let me be a part of your journey to the life you deserve.

Let Me Lead The Way...

Blissfully You Wellness Services provides transformative coaching and wellness services that holistically approaches personal development while serving as a catalyst for women finding their voice and value leading to a life of peace, love, and bliss.

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Work With Me

I know that it’s a huge step and investment to work with a coach. I have been there and done that. I believe in honoring your time and resources. Before you enter into an agreement for coaching or wellness services, let’s connect! I offer a free consultation that allows us to get to know each other and for me to learn more about your goals to determine If we are a good fit. If we are, great! I look forward to working with you. If not, it’s ok! I’d be happy to refer you to others that may be what you’re looking forward. In the end, I just want to see us all succeed. Enough reading, time for action! Go ahead and click the button to connect with me and let’s get started.